Aisai Nikki

Aisai Nikki
Alternative Title: Aisai Nikki
Alternative Title 2: 愛妻日記

* Based on the game by Orcsoft. Young, beautiful, gentle, and feminine… Sanae is the wife that anyone would be jealous of. That is the woman that I am fortunate enough to spend my days with. However, after 4 years of marriage, I still wonder if I am fit enough to call her my wife. Not to mention the erectile dysfunction… She doesn’t complain about the lack of sex and is a dutiful wife, but this is just another source of worry for me. One day, a ludicrous thought came to me. “Why don’t I have someone else sleep with her and release her sexual frustrations?” Ridiculous? Sure, but as I imagine her with someone else, I’m starting to feel incredibly stimulated… ~ translated and adapted from official site by Cranston

Episode List:

  • Aisai Nikki Episode 01