Kyouhaku Second: Mou Hitotsu no Ashita - The Animation
Alternative Title: Kyouhaku: Owaranai Ashita
Alternative Title 2: 脅迫~終わらない明日~

Aya believed that Yumiko was her best friend, but when Aya develops a crush on the boy Yumiko loves, Yumiko decides to exact some revenge. Compromising photos of Aya turn the innocent girl into a helpless sex slave, but Yumiko’s desire for revenge doesn’t end there. Aya’s friends and even family have to suffer as well! Yumiko and her male friends blackmail the girls into every form of depraved and humiliating situation imaginable. With friends like these, Aya will never need enemies!

Episode List:

  • Blackmail Episode 01
  • Blackmail Episode 02
  • Blackmail Episode 03