Gakuen Maria Bakunyuu Teachers

Gakuen Maria: Bakunyuu Teachers
Alternative Title: Gakuen Maria: Bakunyuu Teachers
Alternative Title 2: 学園まりあ ~爆乳ティーチャーズ~

* Based on the manga by Aura Seiji. It’s the sultry Maria’s first day teaching at this new school. The headmaster graciously shows her to the classroom where Maria is shocked to see other faculty members engaged in a steamy orgy with students. Before she has a chance to leave, a sexy female teacher forces a powerful aphrodisiac into her mouth with a kiss, which renders Maria helpless and forced to take part in the orgy. Later that night she discovers to her surprise that the events that took place at school actually turn her on… Will she quit her new job or go back for more? Source: HentaiTake

Episode List:

  • Gakuen Maria Bakunyuu Teachers Episode 01