Gosenzo San’e

Gosenzo San`e
Alternative Title: Gosenzo San`e
Alternative Title 2: 御先祖賛江

19-year old Gen Hiraga’s mother had just died. Thus, Gen goes off to the countryside to live with his wealthy grandmother. Gen has a strange condition… his semen is gold! An American college student named Jennifer Collins is greatly interested in Gen. Jennifer is working on a thesis about the Hiraga family. The Hiragas have always died mysterious deaths at a young age, with the exception of Gen’s grandmother. What’s more, it’s been said that the golden sperm is the key to everlasting youth, and Jennifer is willing to do just about anything for a sample! Gen himself just wants to know what exactly is going on… but time is running out, and answers must be found quickly before Gen shares the grim fate that has continuously plagued his ancestors…

Episode List:

  • Gosenzo San’e Episode 01
  • Gosenzo San’e Episode 02
  • Gosenzo San’e Episode 03
  • Gosenzo San’e Episode 04