Kara no Shoujo

Kara no Shoujo
Alternative Title: Kara no Shoujo
Alternative Title 2: 殻ノ少女

* Based on the game by Innocent Grey. 10 years after losing the war, the city of Tokyo is still in the midst of being rebuilt. Within that city, strange recurrent incidents are occurring. Several students from the Sakuraba Private School for Girls have gone missing. Private detective Tokisaka Reito is called in to help with the investigation by childhood friend and former coworker Uozumi Kyozo. One day, Akito receives a strange request from student Kuchiki Toko: “Please find the real me.” In the midst of that, yet another Sakuraba student goes missing. – translated and adapted from the official japanese site by Cranston

Episode List:

  • Kara no Shoujo Episode 01
  • Kara no Shoujo Episode 02