Kazama Mana

Anime Kazama Mana
Alternative Title: Anime Kazama Mana
Alternative Title 2: アニメ風間愛

This anime focuses on Kazama Mana, the main character of Yakin Byoutou 2. She works for a sanatorium as an intern nurse. Mana looks up to Nightingale, and she wants to be an angel in white like her. But Mizukawa Ayumu, the patient whose days are numbered, says to her that there is no angel and begins to make her the center of a sex game. Source: ANN An anime conversion of an eroge title from Mink’s M no Violet division, seemingly appears to be as vulgar as the previous Anime on Demand title: Nanase Ren.

Episode List:

  • Kazama Mana Episode 01