Kuro no Danshou

Kuro no Danshou
Alternative Title: Kuro no Danshou
Alternative Title 2: 黒の断章

While vacationing with his adopted daughter, Private Detective Susuki becomes trapped in a secluded ski resort with a few other vacationers after a storm closes the place down. All is well until one of the guests is found brutally murdered. Being the good investigator he is, Susuki gets to work to find the killer. While digging for the killer, Susuki uncovers a lot of dirt on the other guests and even finds out a thing or two about his own past. But, as Susuki struggles to find the killer, the other guests start to point the finger at him.

Episode List:

  • Kuro no Danshou Episode 01
  • Kuro no Danshou Episode 02
  • Kuro no Danshou Episode 03
  • Kuro no Danshou Episode 04