Matou Kita Zankan

Matou Kitan Zankan
Alternative Title: Matou Kitan Zankan
Alternative Title 2: 魔討綺譚ZANKAN[斬奸]

* Based on manga by Ruuen Rouga, who also did the original work for Trouble Evocation. Demons, ghosts, goblins, and monsters of all kinds begin to escape from their prisons and are attacking humans. The number of casualties increases rapidly. Mitsurugi who happens to be a Raiatto (a hunter who specializes in exterminating monsters) that uses three seal balls each of which contain a female. Mitsurugi calls one of them each time he needs to exterminate monsters.

Episode List:

  • Matou Kita Zankan Episode 01
  • Matou Kita Zankan Episode 02