One True Stories

One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e - True Stories
Alternative Title: One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e - True Stories
Alternative Title 2: One: True Stories

* Based on a game by Nexton. In 1998 winter, another world happens to come to existence in me, though I used to be a normal student. It is covering my ordinary life as the snow covers the ground. Until then, I haven’t noticed, what has stayed unchanged in my daily life, the familiar scenes that have always been there, the warmth of the person whom I haven’t noticed that I love her. They have existed to bind me in this world in order not to let me leave. It is the moment when I begin look for the bind and the significant person, for the first time. The time goes, and the sun gradually begins to shine the season. I wonder where I will be, and who will grip my hand. Source: AnimeNfo

Episode List:

  • One True Stories Episode 01
  • One True Stories Episode 02
  • One True Stories Episode 03