Pigeon Blood

Pigeon Blood
Alternative Title: Pigeon Blood
Alternative Title 2: ピジョンブラッド

* Based on a game by Abogado Powers. Hidden in a forest lies an extravagant residence. It is owned by our protagonist, known only as Chris. Chris is the latest in a family line of sex-slave trainers. His latest acquisition, a girl named Lita, is to be completely trained within six months. Our hero is also a bit of an enigma, for he has actually lost most of his memories. However, as the training of Lita continues, he begins to slowly piece together the fragmented events of his life. Chris will occasionally get help from his two assistants; conveniently each of them embodying either sadism or masochism. Source: VNDB

Episode List:

  • Pigeon Blood Episode 01
  • Pigeon Blood Episode 02