Sex Warrior Pudding

Famires Senshi Pudding
Alternative Title: Famires Senshi Pudding
Alternative Title 2: ファミレス戦士プリン

Due to an inexplicable order from his father, Shuta came to work as the manager of the family restaurant A La Mode. There, he worked with Purin Nishino, whom he liked. Though he spent days of fantasy being treated to sexual favors by the cute clerks, it did not last long. He knew the other purpose of A La Mode, an organization that protects the Earth. The fighters wield Kokoro-energy, which is the power created by putting their minds with Shuta’s in order to fight the evil syndicate Libido Kingdom. Will Shuta and the Famires fighters be able to save the peace of Earth while indulging in this harem lifestyle? Source: AnimeNfo Note: Famires is a combination of ‘family’ and ‘restaurant’.

Episode List:

  • Sex Warrior Pudding Episode 1-3