Shinshou Genmukan

Shinshou Genmukan
Alternative Title: Shinshou Genmukan
Alternative Title 2: 真章 幻夢館

* Based on a game by aias. 3 months ago, detective Kido Satoru accepted an odd assignment at the suspicious western-style mansion Genmukan. There, he was caught up in a tragedy of love and hate. 3 months ago, he had rescued the maid Watase Nozomi from the inferno which consumed the mansion. However, the story is not quite over yet… ~ translated and adapted from the official japanese site by Cranston Note: Sequel to the events depicted in Tony Taka’s 2004 hit game Shinshou Genmukan.

Episode List:

  • Shinshou Genmukan Episode 01
  • Shinshou Genmukan Episode 02