Shujii no Inbou

Shujii no Inbou
Alternative Title: Shujii no Inbou
Alternative Title 2: 主治医の淫謀

My husband, Keiichirou, was struck down by illness. Mr. Noyama, our family doctor, said he would need to have a rest for a while. But he hasn’t got well though a few weeks have passed. I have now a concern about myself. Yes, it’s about sex…. It’s impossible to ask for sex to my husband. I can’t masturbate myself at home because there are my husband and daughter. I can’t talk to anyone about it…. I recently feel sexually excited when Mr. Noyama comes to my house. Is this because I’m not sexually satisfied or I suffer from some kind of illness? Oh, Mr. Noyama comes again….

Episode List:

  • Shujii no Inbou Episode 01
  • Shujii no Inbou Episode 02