Tokubetsu Byoutou

Tokubetsu Byoutou
Alternative Title: Tokubetsu Byoutou
Alternative Title 2: 特別病棟

A female medical investigator is developing a drug that can potence the posibility of an impotent female or male to procreate. But the true reason is that she is an hermaphrodite (dual sex) but her both sexual organs are impotent an unable to procreate. So she develops that drug, making two version, the blue one for males and the red for females. But as any new medicine she must try it out first, there is when her nurse assistants became useful and then she must analyse each reaction in each subject, including herself, expecting some interesting outcomes.

Episode List:

  • Tokubetsu Byoutou Episode 01
  • Tokubetsu Byoutou Episode 02